Auction of Promises raises a Whopping £1805

On Saturday evening the St Thomas’s Auction of Promises raised a much needed £1,805 for the playgroup. The promises on offer ranged from a ‘Morning Lie In’ to ‘Dinner for 6′ and the evening was a huge success!

A massive thank you to the Fund Raising Team for all their hard work and thanks to everyone that showed their support by coming along or donating a promise!

Lot 1: Pony experience: Jeremy Fowler £80
Lot 2: Almeida tickets: Will Adeney £70 (couldn’t read handwriting not sure about the Will part)
Lot 3: Morning lie in/kids away: Mags £75
Lot 4: Bikes fix up: Joy Gerrard £55
Lot 5: Cineworld & me babysitting: Helen Davies £65
Lot 6: Big sums: Sophie Garnham £30
Lot 7: Screen on the Green & babysitting: Carsten Thode £100
Lot 8: Cream tea: Phil Goad £60
Lot 9: Dinner for Two with wine: Anna Sharp £50
Lot 10: Guitar lesson: Conor £60
Lot 11: Summer window boxes: Vicky Smith £75
Lot 12: Not listed
Lot 13: Tomato planter: Emma McNeely £25
Lot 14: Floral bouquet: Jane Anderson £45
Lot 15: Performance coaching: Joy Gerrard £30
Lot 16: Pampering at home: Guy Osborn £100
Lot 17: Blow dries x 5: Blanaid Moore £110
Lot 18: Afternoon playdate/time off: Anna Sharp £55
Lot 19: Designer luxury purse: Anna Sharp £75
Lot 20: Authentic Spanish cake: Sarah Coxhead £40
Lot 21: Kids day out in London: Georgia £130
Lot 22: Pet sitting service: Brandon £75
Lot 23: Meal for six: Phil Goad £400

Well done everyone!!!