Key Person System

Although we feel that the children should feel comfortable approaching any member of staff, we follow the Early Years Foundation Stage key person system, to ensure that the children learn to be independent within a particular, secure relationship out of the home. Each member of staff is responsible for six children.

A key person is:

  • A named member of staff who has more contact that others with the child.
  • Someone to build a relationship with the child and parents.
  • Someone who helps the child become familiar with the provision.
  • Someone who meets the children’s individual needs and care needs (e.g. dressing, toileting etc.)
  • Someone who responds sensitively to children’s feelings, ideas and behaviour.
  • The person who acts as point of contact with parents.

Key workers ensure that the key child’s folder, profile book, coat peg, ladybird, book bag, self registration names, clothes bags and tray are all named and labelled ready for the child’s day of arrival.